What Will Be The Trends With DeWalt Power Tools In The Coming Years?

What Will Be The Trends With DeWalt Power Tools In The Coming Years?

There is continued innovation going on in the world of DeWalt power tools. Advancements in battery technology have lead to the cordless power tool to be lighter, faster and more powerful. They are getting smarter too, with electronics that provide even more control and safety.

Power tools are really selling well across the globe as both DIY enthusiasts and professional construction workers want to get more done in less time. The future is looking bright, and these trends are likely to continue into the future:

Power Tool Companies Investing In Product Development

There are a lot of innovations going on now and this is set to continue. Most of the top power tool companies will be investing more in product development, so that they can bring more innovative products to the marketplace.

Ergonomics will feature a lot more in future DeWalt power tools. This will improve the comfort of the tool and will ensure that it can be used consistently for longer periods of time. Innovations into the strength and durability of DeWalt power tools will also continue.

Brushless motors are very likely to replace motors with brushes in them as they are more efficient. Larger and more powerful batteries will be introduced (30 volt +) as this will make cordless power tools run for a lot longer.

Safety for power tool users will also be researched and new innovations will hit the market. The reduction of vibrations and noise will be a key consideration. Automatic cut off electronics will be improved, and the reduction of dust emissions investigated.

Changes To Batteries

There has already been a swift move from nickel cadmium (Ni Cd) batteries to lithium ion (Li Ion) batteries. The Li Ion batteries have several advantages over Ni Cd. They are lighter, run for longer and are more efficient than Ni Cd.

In the future it is very likely that all cordless power tools will use Li Ion batteries. They are very popular among those that use cordless power tools at the moment, and it seems likely that Li Ion will become the new battery standard.

DeWalt Power Tools Will Be Used Instead Of Hand Tools

More and more people are turning to power tools to perform the smallest of tasks rather than use hand tools. These days DeWalt power drills can perform a multitude of tasks and they will do them effortlessly and in far less time.

This trend is very likely to continue in the years to come. Now it is possible to obtain power tools to do almost any task that a hand tool used to do. This includes power screwdrivers, polishers, sanders, grinders, saws and routers.

Using certain hand tools requires a lot of skill and patience sometimes, and if there is a power tool that can be learned quickly and will do the work in half the time then it is a no brainer. Today’s power tools can do almost as good a job when it comes to fine and precision work. Tomorrow’s DeWalt power tools will be even better.

Battery Powered DeWalt Tools Will Become More Popular

The sales of the best DeWalt cordless power tools have been growing steadily, and a shift from the traditional DeWalt corded power tools to cordless ones is continuing. There has been a lot of innovation in the cordless tools market and this is really driving sales.

If you can buy a cordless power drill that has the same power, in some cases more power, than the corded equivalent then why wouldn’t you go for it? In the past the major complaints about cordless power tools have always been that they do not have sufficient power and the battery life was not enough.

Both of these complaints have been addressed and work will continue in these areas. It is not expected that corded power tools will disappear altogether, but the sales of cordless power tools will certainly continue to rise in the future because of all of the advantages that they provide.

Increased Sales Of DeWalt Power Tools To Professionals

There has been a real upturn in demand for DeWalt power tools from professional construction workers. This has been partly due to the resurgence of the housing market across the world, but also professionals are always looking for ways to improve their efficiency and to get the job done faster and more efficiently.

The US construction industry is expected to grow further and so is the construction market in China and India. A lot of other countries around the world are witnessing similar growth. This means that the demand for power tools will continue into the future for the professional market. More and more professionals are buying the DeWalt tool set due to the great, necessary tools that it contains.

More Home DIY Enthusiasts Across The World

In the developed world, the trend for DIY continues to rise and does not look like slowing down. More and more DIY TV programs such as This Old House and HGTV are being launched about how ordinary people can transform their homes themselves. DeWalt power tools are always used in these TV shows and this has lead to an increase in sales.

The developing world is also experiencing a lot of growth in the DIY market. Incomes are rising in these countries, and along with rapid urbanization the numbers of people that want to improve their home has risen. This trend is going to continue for sure, which is very good news for the power tools market.

DIY enthusiasts are becoming a lot savvier than they used to be. They are surrounded by information now on the TV and the Internet. They are aware that power tools can save them time and effort, and they are actively seeking out these DeWalt tools. Expect this to continue.


There is no doubt that the sales of power tools will continue to rise in the coming years. Investing in product research and innovation is absolutely the right thing to do and you can expect more control, efficiency and power from these tools in the future.

The focus on ergonomics is also a good move. If people can use the tools for longer and get more done, then this will only help to build on the credibility of power tools and fuel more sales in the future.
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