Power Tools That Every Woodworker Should Have

Power Tools That Every Woodworker Should Have

If you are interested in woodwork then it is possible to create most projects using just hand tools. If you want to make your life a lot easier and create your woodworking projects faster, then it is recommended that you invest in the best DeWalt Combo Tool Set Cordless Power Tools:

The DeWalt Cordless Power Drill

There are going to me numerous occasions where you need to make holes in wood when you are in your wood workshop, working around your home or tackling exterior woodworking projects. Hand tools can do this job but they will be slow.

A power drill is a very versatile tool that will create holes in wood very quickly. If you go for a cordless drill, then you will have a lot more flexibility as you can take it anywhere and there is no need to search for a power outlet.

You can also use a power drill for screws as well. If you intend to use your power drill with screws then it is best to choose one that has a clutch or clutches as this will prevent the screw head from being stripped.

Go for a DeWalt power drill with a hammer function so that you can tackle other projects around the home too. These kinds of DeWalt drills will make drilling into very hard woods, brick and masonry very easy.

The DeWalt Circular Saw

When it comes to woodworking, there are so many uses for the circular saw, and it will save you so much time and effort when compared to hand saws. The DeWalt circular saw will cut both softwood and hardwood with no problems. You should be able to obtain a more accurate cut with a power circular saw than you could with a hand saw.

Modern cordless circular saws are both powerful and convenient. They have so much power that some models are actually more powerful than their corded equivalent. You can use a circular saw to cut through beams, cut fence posts and of course for cutting plywood.

There are several different blade types available for the circular saw and these can be steel, carbide tipped, abrasive, high speed steel and diamond. They all have different uses, and it is likely that you will end up with quite a collection if you are a keen woodworker.


A DeWalt Reciprocating Saw

Sometimes called a Sawzall you will literally be able to cut through anything with this kind of saw. The modern cordless versions have a lot of power, and they are great for those quick and dirty woodworking jobs.

A DeWalt reciprocating saw will normally cut through the nails in wood as if they were not there. A hand saw simply cannot match its power. You can use your reciprocating saw to cut through drywall and metal as well, so it is very versatile.

If you need to demolish something quickly, then a reciprocating saw will make this easier and even more fun! Whether you need to cut through doors, windows, old wooden cabinets or even walls, the job is never too tough for the powerful reciprocating saw.

The DeWalt Power Impact Driver

There could be several situations that you could find yourself in where you will need more power than a DeWalt power drill can provide. For example, if you are trying to insert screws into hardwood this can be a real challenge for a DeWalt power drill.

For any kind of decking or sheathing work you will find that hand tools and even a power drill will struggle. Enter the power impact driver. An impact driver will provide a lot more torque than a power drill. They are far superior for those heavy duty jobs that you will face as a woodworker.

They can take a bit of getting used to, and you might find your power impact driver difficult to control at first. But once you are used to it you will never regret having it in your tool kit. This tool can also help you to loosen rusted screws and bolts that will not shift with conventional tools.

A DeWalt Power Work Light

Every keen woodworker will need to work in conditions where lighting is a problem. This could just be that the darkness of the day has arrived, or that there is just poor lighting in a room or other space you are working in.

A DeWalt cordless LED work light is ideal here. These lights use very powerful LEDs that will illuminate any area so that you can see what you are doing. They will work from the same battery that powers your other cordless power tools.

They are much more cost efficient than electric lights. There is hardly any battery drain because they use LEDs rather than regular bulbs. The higher quality work lights can last around 10 -12 hours on a fully charged battery which is long enough to cover most working days.

A DeWalt Power Sander

You can either go for a palm sander or a random orbital sander here. The palm sander is so much faster than trying to use sandpaper and a block. Most of them have a bag to catch the sawdust that it will quickly generate. You can use plain sandpaper with a palm sander.

A random orbital sander is a bit more expensive but it doesn’t sand in patterns so there will be less chance of any sanding marks being left on your wood. Special DeWalt sanding disks are required with these machines and they attach using a hook and loop method.

Sanding disks for most random orbital sanders are readily available. The best way to use the tool is to use progressively finer grits, as this will ensure that sanding marks will be completely removed.

A DeWalt Power Router

The power router is very versatile, and can be used for a number of woodworking tasks. You can cut holes with it, make contours, finish and shape edges and make grooves with it. You can easily create dovetails or raised panels too.

You can get a wide variety of bits for your power router, and these will enable you to create precise finishes with every job. You will be able to create bevels, mortise holes, rounded edges and dados to name but a few.

There are basically two types of power router available, and these are the stationary base router and the plunge router. If you are just starting out, then a good quality stationary base router will take care of most tasks for you. So much easier than doing it all by hand.

You can grab all of these tools in the DeWalt 20v Combo Tool Set!


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