Why You Should Buy DeWalt Power Tools That Are Made In America

Why You Should Buy DeWalt Power Tools That Are Made In America

If you were looking for a new power tool 4-5 years ago and you went into a store that sells them, it is probable that when you picked it up and examined it carefully you will find a label on it that said Made In China. There are other countries it could have been made in of course such as Mexico and Taiwan. It would have been rare to find a label that said Made In The USA.

Of course things were not always like that. A few decades ago most products on the shelves would have been made in the USA. But since the 1990’s there has been a steady decline in American made products, and a lot of USA companies moved their manufacturing plants overseas because it was much cheaper. This meant that jobs were lost in the USA and created elsewhere.

But things are changing. Since 2010 over 300 major companies have moved production of their products back to America. This has created around a quarter of a million jobs, and power tool manufacturers were amongst those companies. Labels such as Made In The USA and âBuilt In The USA are making a comeback which is great news for the country.

Do Americans Prefer American Made Products?

You bet they do. In a 2015 consumer report it was revealed that 80% of shoppers in America said that they prefer to buy products that were made in the USA. Over 60% of these people said that they would be willing to pay up to 10% more for an American made product.

Is this just patriotism? Well it is a big factor for sure which is very reassuring. But there are other reasons why you should buy USA made products.

Why You Should Buy American Made Power Tools

It Creates And Saves American Jobs

The number one reason why you should buy power tools that are made in the USA is to help create or save jobs for your fellow Americans. In a 2015 report it was revealed that 5.7 million US jobs in manufacturing were lost in the period 1998 to 2013. Some of these job losses were due to the recession, but most were a result of trade imbalances with countries such as Mexico and China.

The American power tool giant DeWalt is redressing the jobs balance with its Built In The USA push. It has opened seven assembly plants across the country, and has provided jobs for many American people.

DeWalt are rightly proud of the jobs that they have created at home, and they are also proud of the fact that they have managed to increase production efficiency which allows them to serve their customers better. They are including many more of their tools in the Built In The USA range. A lot of power tools are already included.

Why built in the USA and not made in the USA? Well DeWalt are being totally honest here. Some of the parts in their power tools will have been sourced from other countries. This is acceptable, as it is very rare that anything this complex could be made entirely from parts that were all manufactured in the USA.

DeWalt is fully committed to their Built In The USA campaign and the company confirmed that it is not a temporary situation or a marketing ruse. They really want to bring jobs to the country and produce quality American products, and they should be fully supported in this cause.

It Helps Make The Economy Stronger

The creation of additional jobs is not only good for the American people, but also for the economy as a whole. There is a knock on effect which ripples through the country. In the DeWalt factories example, it is likely that American construction workers will have been hired to construct the factories.

US utility companies will supply the power to the factories and the finances of the company will probably be handled by American accountancy firms. There are other factors such as the use of American legal firms, American telecommunications companies and so on.

Power Tools Made In The USA Are Likely To Be Of Higher Quality

What about the quality of power tools made overseas? Having purchased several products including power tools which were made overseas, the level of quality with some of them left a lot to be desired. If you choose power tools that are made in the USA, then this is less likely to be a problem as they will undergo rigorous testing. The best DeWalt combo tool set is made of uncomparable quality!

Home Made Power Tools Are Better For The Environment

When products are made overseas they produce a larger carbon footprint. Why is this? Well it is because goods made in China and India have to be transported to the USA to be sold. This means travelling by ship or air, and thousands of miles worth of fossil fuel burning is the result.

Another reason to buy power tools made in the USA is that American factories will create less pollution than factories in other countries will. The regulations are very strict in the USA, but not so much in China and elsewhere. This means that a lot of foreign made products will create a great deal of pollution to the air, the soil and the water systems.

Research was undertaken in China where they concluded that the outsourcing of production by the USA there had increased the air pollution in the country. Export goods production resulted in 33% sulphur dioxide and approximately 25% carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxide emissions. These things affect the whole planet in the end.

Your Health Is Less Likely To Be At Risk

The health of American shoppers that buy foreign power tools can also be at risk. In most overseas factories there are very few or even no environment and safety regulations. This is not only dangerous for the employees in these factories, but it can be reflected in the products made as well. There have been a number of cases where products made overseas had to be recalled because of safety concerns. Some of these were a result of dangerous chemicals like lead paint being used.


When you buy power tools from companies like DeWalt which are built in the USA, you are helping to create more jobs and providing a boost to the economy. You are also helping the environment and are less likely to face any safety concerns. Why would you want to buy power tools from anywhere else?


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