Advantages Of DeWalt Power Tools Over Hand Tools

Advantages Of DeWalt Power Tools Over Hand Tools

If you do any work around your home you will probably have a collection of hand (or manual) tools that will tackle a number of tasks. In some situations the use of a hand tool is fine, but for most jobs a power tool will make the task easier.

A Manual Saw Vs A Power Saw

A manual saw is fine for cutting small pieces of wood that are not too thick. The same goes for metal. If you are trying to cut thick wooden fence posts or several pieces of 2 x 4 then you need to be prepared for a good work out!

A power circular saw or a power reciprocating saw will do these jobs quickly and easily, and are used in most construction work. Those in favor of manual DeWalt hand tools will tell you that you can achieve a finer cut with a hand saw, but a lot of modern power saws will provide fine and accurate cuts as well.

Then there is the time factor. If you have to make a lot of cuts then using different hand saws will take a lot more time. A job that can take a few seconds with a power saw can take several minutes with a manual hand saw.

You will certainly need time to get used to a power saw. A manual saw is easy to control and you will be able to cut precisely without too much practice. A good power saw will have a trigger control that will let you decrease or increase the power applied as you need it. Once you get used to this then you will find yourself using it a lot more than your manual saw.

A Manual Drill Vs A Power Drill

It is possible that you might have a manual drill in your collection that has a handle on it that you turn with your hand. There is also a bit brace type manual drill which has a ratchet action. This has a handle in the middle that you turn clockwise or anti clockwise.

These drills are fine for small drilling work, but they will take some time to make the holes that you want especially if the material is hard or thick. Sometimes you will need to apply a lot of pressure to finish the job with these hand drills.

Using these manual drills is fairly easy and it doesn’t take long to master them. Power drills are not much more difficult to use in truth, and they will drill holes quickly and with minimum effort. If you have a good quality power drill then you will be able to adjust the speed settings for more control.

Where power drills really score is drilling into hard or thick materials. Trying to drill into concrete with a hand drill could literally take you hours. With a power drill it will do the job quickly as long as you are using the right drill bit.

With the range of high quality cordless drills available today, the convenience and portability of a manual hand drill is no longer a major factor. On a fully charged battery a good cordless power drill will keep drilling for many hours and is perfect for most home improvement projects.

Hand Routing DeWalt Tools Vs DeWalt Power Router

It can take an awful lot of time and skill to use manual routing tools to create the result that you want. Learning how to use these DeWalt tools properly can take a lot of time and practice, and it is likely that you will make a few mistakes along the way.

It is true that there is a learning curve with a power router as well, but once you get the hang of it you will be able to create great results very quickly. There is no comparison when it comes to time and efficiency.

True Advantages Of DeWalt Power Tools

The fact is that power tools can do a lot of jobs faster and easier than hand tools can. For any work involving fixing things to concrete for example the use of hand tools would just take far too long and require so much energy. With a little practice you can get perfect results with power tools and make precision cuts just as you could using a manual tool. Take a look at the DeWalt 20V Combo Tool Set Review for a great power tool starter kit.


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